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Protective Gear Like No Other

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Quality Products That Will Exceed Your Expectations

Trust only BASIC BLACK when it comes to your safety equipment. Using innovative engineering, we manufacture top-of-the-line protective devices and gear. Our armor-like gear are perfect for the following:

  • Military Personnel

  • Firefighters

  • Home Security

  • Law Enforcement Officers

  • Paramedics

  • Rescue Personnel

Blast Skin (Part of Basic Black’s Thin Skin System)

Exterior Product

Blast Skin, silicon modified polymer, is a high strength energy absorbing super-polymer designed to deliver extensive elastomeric resiliency when subjected to explosive energy forces. This military grade formulation possesses extremely high material tear strengths, exceptional abrasion and superior toughness.

Interior Product

Option 1- is extremely specialized foam used to reduce forced impacts; a range in hardness, maintains shape, and fire resistance. 

Option 2- is a material with a robust blast mitigation properties, cushioning properties, flexibility, thermal insulating, and fire resistance.   

Blast Mitigation Mats

Blast Skin

Thin Skin was originally developed to be a modular and scalable in theater up armoring – ballistic and blast system. The Thin Skin system has evolved to also protect, mitigate or eliminate RF, sound, fire, and EMP issues.

-Peel and Stick locking technology with over lapping installation

-Protective panels for lining doors and walls surrounding security enclosures

-Reinforced structural polyester or steel provides Level 2, 3a, 3, and 4 protection

-Used on doors and walls of security enclosures, bank teller counters, ticket booths, judge's benches, cashier booths, etc.

-Harden entry points, check points, barracks, SCIF, and rolling panels

-Easy instillation with common hand tools

-Pilot house of small crafts. 25 ft Defender Boat Class, USCG

-Fire trucks and EMS vehicles

-School doors

Thin Skin System

Thin Skin RF / EMP Shielding Mats

Soft Body Armor

Level 3 Panels

NSL-8 Blast and Spall Mitigation 

This product has been used in Afghanistan and Persian gulf to harden modular buildings and other installations. The product is a standoff roof /wall system and can be applied to the exterior of the building for RPG and artery protection.

Roof and Wall Rack System

The Evolution NIJ Level IIIA or Level III

The Evolution will support all of the Basic Black shield system enhancements.

• Available in either NIJ Threat Level IIIA or Threat Level III

• Level IIIA Titanium

• Level III Titanium/Composite

• Choice of handle system

• Available with or without view port

• Optional Video system

• Optional Lighting system

• Optional OC spray system

• Pistol port (specify left or right)

Biolistic and Non-Biolistic Shields, The Evolution.

The Evolution



Bang Safe

Basic Black has many more solutions​

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